Mattisson Bass Series IV TT EBS edition

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Mattisson Bass Series IV TT EBS edition
This awesome 6-string True Temperament-equipped bass guitar is hand built by Anders Mattisson commissioned by EBS Sweden. Its based on a Mattison Series IV Henrik Linder TT model, but with some changes.
It has a chambered ash body with a masur birch top, and uses a neck through construction made of maple/ash/wenge, with a timber block of maple, and a birdseye maple fretboard.
The colors were matched to blend in with the EBS Proline of amps. The body uses a black “matte finish” to get the feel of an industrial coated metal amp plate, but still as thin so you can see the natural structure of the masur at some places, and to keep the tone open.
The matching headstock is in the same black, but see through, as is the blue parts.
Johan Lundgren at Lundgren pickups special designed the pickups, working as two reversed P-style.
Anders and Fredrik at True Temperament did the fret work.
The preamp is a hand built Mattissonbass 3-band.