Negrini Guitars – Claudio Pietronik Second signature, BREA PK6TTS

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After a couple of years with his Brea PK6 ( Claudio asked me for another model, visually similar yet different mainly in tone, features and specs. From the mellow, warm and singing character of the GNG he already owns, Claudio wanted to enlarge his tonal palette with a more bright, clear, out of the mix, and versatile instrument. He wanted the guitar to sing like a violin, so we choose to have also a sustainer pickup to infinitely hold the notes, and the True Temperament fretting system to reach the perfectly intonated picht all over the fretboard. Switching from set-in neck to bolt on we opened up the tone, including the longer 25.5″ scale and the alder body, combined with a beautifully roasted birdseye maple and striped ebony fretboard. The pickups were totally redesigned for the new concept, only the Brea shape, the Hipshot Products Inc bridge, Sperzel Guitar Tuners and figured Italian poplar top have been kept. The inlay have been redesigned from his own logo, made out of glow-in-the-dark blue material for maximum visibility in every situation. Here his first clean demo: Special thanks to Nick Beccalori Photo for the pictures.