Tommy Denander VGS Signature Guitar
This sensational guitar features a True Temperament Formula 1 neck and an Evertune bridge, making it the first production guitar in the world with 100% perfect intonation and a guitar that never goes out of tune!!!! Tommy´s VGS guitar has become a big hit and is featured on the cover of many prominent guitar and music magazine's around the world.

"I've played guitar for 38 years now, 28 as a professional on 1000's of recordings and not a single one of them has been done without the same old problem EVERY guitar player on the planet faces...retuning and tuning for better intonation when tracking and dubbing parts. So to say that I'm thrilled about having perfect intonation thanks to True Temperament is probably the biggest understatement of my life!!!!! Don't be stupid...don't be smart and try this for yourself now!!!....your life as a guitarist will never be the same...just better" Tommy Denander

Tommy Denander explains the True Temperament Fretting System on his newly developed and highly innovative VGS Signature Guitar! Link to video

Jaden Rose Guitars demonstrates a Purpleheart and alder body, 5 piece maple and purpleheart neck with rosewood fingerboard, True Temperament frets and more... Link to video

Matt Blackett, Associate Editor of Guitar Player magazine, demonstrates his newly-installed True Temperament neck. Link to video

Matt Blackett, Associate Editor of Guitar Player magazine, visits renowned San Francisco luthier Gary Brawer to have his new True Temperament neck installed on his guitar. Link to video

10-03-2010 New John McLaughlin video
True Temperament is proud to be seen in John McLaughlin's latest YouTube video where he uses his TT refretted Godin electric guitar in this performance with the 4th Dimension, featuring drummers Gary Husband and Mark Mondesir and bass player Etienne Mbappe.

02-03-2010 Matias Kupiainen of Stratovarius
Matias Kupiainen from Finnish metalband Stratovarius has now received his first Ruokangas TT-outfitted guitar. This fantastic and amazingly cool looking guitar has a Formula 1 finger board. It´s a neck-thru-body shred machine with carved top, Floyd Rose whammy bar, custom inlays, neck and body in Spanish cedar and two Häussel Super High Output Humbuckers.

28-02-2010 Henry Kaiser´s 5th TT-guitar
Henry Kaiser has received his fifth TT-equipped guitar. This time a custom built beauty in Telecaster style made by Canadian luthier Alastair Miller ( Henry´s Miller Barncaster guitar also sports two TV Jones humbuckers and a TiSonix titanium bridge.

26-02-2010 Joey Tempest
The singer with the world famous Swedish metal band Europe is the latest big star to join True Temperament´s growing list of famous users. Joey Tempest had his Gibson J-200 customized with a new TT fretboard.

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