Mattias IA Eklundhs Caparison AH8 8-string signature model features a True Temperament Thidell Formula 1 fingerboard with 27 frets.
Amedeo Nicoletti playing his own composition “Amelis” on his Fender Stratocaster with a True Temperament Formula 1 neck. Steve Vai – Guitars.
True Temperament featuring Erik Borelius. Steve Vai Demonstration.
Billy Cross testar True Temperamentgitarr för den danska tidningen Musikeren, februari 2008. Paul Guy plays “Under Paris Skies” on an Alhambra cutaway classical guitar retrofitted with a True Temperament Formula 1 fingerboard.
Paul Guy plays “Son de Carilhoes” (The sound of bells) – a very appropriate tune for this Sandén VRB-TT (True Temperament) guitar, which really does ring like a bell. Paul Guy plays “All the things you are” on a Sandén VRB-TT (True Temperament) guitar. Paul Guy does a simple demo on the chords of “You’re 16” on his Sandén VRB-TT (True Temperament) guitar.
“People Get Ready” – Key of D, modulates to E. Sandén VRB-TT (True Temperament) guitar. PG’s Brett Petrusek is On Location at NAMM ’09 where he stops by the True Temperament Fretting System booth. In this video Patrick from Gigliotti guitars shows thebody, neck, and front plate for the GTV Guitar. The neck has been sent to True Temperament where they drop the frets into the half and half neck.
Janne Stark( demonstrates thatbending of strings works just fine on this True Temperament fretted Gibson Les Paul. This is a video update on the worlds wildest guitarhosted by the Guitar Innovation Collective. Mattias IA Eklundh in between rehearsals for the Beethoven Triple Concerto with Jonas Hellborg,Patrik Jablonski and the Vasteras Chamber Orchestra conducted by Hans Ek.
Mattias IA Eklundh – guitar, Patrik Jablonski – piano andJonas Hellborg – bass, performing Beethoven’s Triple Concerto together with Vasteras Chamber Orchestra conducted by Hans Ek. Jaden Rose Guitars completes another customer order,this one is headed for the UK. Purpleheart and alder body, 5 piece maple and purpleheart neck with rosewood fingerboard, True Temperament frets, Mo’ Joe PAF Joe with split coil wiring push/push switch, Original Floyd Rose rutheniumTrem, schaller mini tuners, schaller knobs. Amedeo Nicoletti playing “How Deep Is The Ocean” on his Fender Stratocaster with a True Temperament Formula 1 neck.