Find answers on some of the frequently asked questions that other guitar players had.

What does “True Temperament” mean?
Is there any key that works better than others using TT?
Does it work on all kinds of fretted instruments?
What’s wrong with straight frets?
Is the playability affected?
What about bending strings on a True Temperament guitar?
Do I need to use a particular string gauge?
How do I tune?
Why can´t I use a standard guitar tuner?
Which tuners for a True Temperament guitar do you recommend?
Can I tune down?
How do I adjust my guitar’s intonation after installing a TT-neck?
How does TT work on acoustic guitars?
Are there a versions for 7- and 8-string guitars?
Do you offer versions for multi scale electric guitars?
Is TT available for bass guitars?
Can your True Temperament frets be retrofitted to an existing guitar neck with standard frets?
What happens when True Temperament guitars are used with other guitars, bass, piano etc?