A golden opportunity at the TT webshop!

Do not miss to visit the True Temperament webshop! Right now there is a golden opportunity for guitarists and others to become happy owners of Per Nilsson's first signature model Singularity 7.
This limited edition of just eight Strandberg Singularity 7 True Temperament are the last of Swedish metal guitar virtuoso Per Nilsson´s first signature model to be sold!
Those unique 7-string guitars are customized and TT fretted in Sweden at the True Temperament Custom Shop and includes a certificate of authenticity signed by Per Nilsson, founder of .strandberg guitars, Ola Strandberg and True Temperament inventor, Anders Thidell. 

A cutting edge metal guitar of highest quality
Excellent True Temperament fret work provides perfect intonatation all over the fretboard. Further more: solid body with ergonomic arm, torso and heel carves, EndurNeck™ Profile, HSH .strandberg* OEM pickups – guarantees a cutting edge metal guitar of highest quality! 

Extra bonus!
An extra bonus for all customers is a private 30 minute Skype session with Per Nilsson, plus a goodie bag that contains signed photos, picks, CD, DVD and more. Read more.

New 16-minute music video from Mattias IA Eklundh

New 16-minute music video from Mattias IA Eklundh

The Native Hue Of Resolution is ”a 16-minute rhythm study from Freak Guitar Camp 2022 in ascending melodic minor and its relative keys”. Don't miss this amazing progressive music video from TT player Mattias IA Eklundh.
True Temperament creator Anders Thidell dead, 55 years old

True Temperament creator Anders Thidell dead, 55 years old

It is with deep sorrow in our hearts that we announce the passing of our dear friend, inventor and mentor Anders Thidell. He died July 10, in Stockholm after a long battle with cancer, 55 years old. His invention of the revolutionary True Temperament fretting system is today considered by many guitar experts and world renowned guitarists to be the greatest improvement that has happened to the guitar in over 200 years.
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